Children aged 5 years and over must be club members (£24 a year or £2 a month by standing order).

Recognised sports clothing and TENNIS SHOES must be worn. Black or ridged soles may be dangerous to play in and can damage the surface. Most children’s trainers are acceptable apart from ‘astros’ which have small plastic studs on the bottom. Jeans or school uniform are not permitted.

Terms and Conditions

Group Lessons

It is the coaching policy to play outside in the rain if the courts are safe. If the coaching team decide to cancel a lesson owing to extremely bad weather, the cost will be deducted from the next half term’s fees. Where possible an email will be sent out by 3pm notifying of the cancellation, however, if the weather only gets worse after this time it will not be possible to let parents know. In the instance of snow, a notice will be placed on the website each day.

Credit notes are only given if a lesson is cancelled by the coaching staff, not if a child cannot attend a session. It is not possible for children to swap days on an ad hoc basis because they cannot attend one lesson; this would lead to confusion for all concerned and unsettle the groups. If a child is injured each case will be judged individually; any vouchers given for injury must be used by the child concerned and cannot be transferred to another child.

If payment for a course is not received by the specified date then your place may be cancelled.

Parents/guardians can either watch the lessons from outside the fenced off area or leave their children for the duration. Continual late pick up of children may result in a fee being charged.

Individual Lessons

Any individual lesson which is cancelled less than 24 hours before it is due to take place may be charged at the full rate.

You may opt out of receiving emails at any time. Please read the policy here GDPR information