Performance Coaching

Some group lessons are suitable for performance standard juniors. For those wishing to aim for a higher level of play we have a performance strand to the coaching programme which consists of a mixture of groups, matches and individual lessons.

Individual coaching for junior members is £24 an hour (Development Coach), £30 an hour (Head Coach) and £35 an hour (Specialist high performance coach Medhi Chikhaoui). Plus floodlights if required.

Mehdi gives a bit more information about himself:

“My tennis background is based on performance tennis, and spend a lot of my time developing juniors to help them achieve as much as they can out of their tennis.  Fitness training plays a big part in my coaching.

I grew up in France then moved to the UK in 2001. I played competitive tennis from the age of 9. I was sponsored by the French Tennis Federation from the age of 11-16, played national tournaments in France as well as bigger events around Europe. I spent 3-4years after that playing tournament around Europe where i gained a lot of experience. I have10 years experience in coaching, spent a lot of time with performance players including a couple that reached the ATP tour and others that went to US college. I currently work a lot with committed red orange and green players in a performance programmes. Keeping fit plays a big part of my life still and running is one of my favourite hobbies.”


For more information contact Alicia